A blonde and a brunette… walk into an airport!


A blonde walks into an airport…

And while waiting to check in, she realizes that she alone has more luggage than a nearby family. But then again, that nearby family doesn’t have a bag large enough to fit a baby elephant.

I was sure that the US Airlines’ ticket agents would be convinced that I was smuggling something or someone in my goalie bag. Frankly, had my passport not been renewed in time, I had actually considered attempting to get myself on the plane that way. The passport…a week before I was set to leave for the entire summer, I woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat because of my passport…I knew it had expired! And I was right…it had actually expired! However, with all my determination, charm, and a comfortable amount of cash, I showed up at Philadelphia Airport’s Customs and Border Control and stood in line for 3 hours. Do you know that if your passport gets even a drop of water damage, you need to replace it? This was one of the many stories I heard while in line. Luckily, my crisis was averted and I had my new passport renewed in less than 5 days! 3 days before leaving! Thank God for dreams …or nightmares! In the past week, in addition to my passport crisis, I had to deal with other emergencies, like the ever-changing weather report for London and Scotland. I contemplated whether or not it was too late to change my flight. Maybe I could go to the beach and ditch my gloomy rain jacket for a vibrant sundress and my ankle boots for a relaxing pair of Jack Rogers.

A brunette walks into an airport…

And of course her carry-on suitcase is too full, and her sports equipment has been ill defined as a potential weapon.

A few minutes and an ever so fashionable yet generic “Thank you” plastic bag (full of the decidedly necessary items from the former carry-on) later, I head toward the security checkpoint with my two passports in hand. This plane ride would be a first for me in quite a few aspects. I would be flying across the Atlantic for the first time, visiting the country in which both my parents were born, and I would soon be consumed by the mythical concept of jetlag. On the way towards my gate, I had taken my boarding pass out of my bag at least 20 times because I kept forgetting the gate number. I am fairly certain the people walking behind me thought that I was thoroughly insane. I finally arrived at my gate and called my loved ones to say goodbye – I admit I was a bit terrified of the idea of boarding a transportation vehicle that was to fly over a large body of water known as the Atlantic Ocean. But, other than some slight turbulence, a dodgy headphone jack and a neighbor who refused to shut their window despite the blinding sunlight and several reminders from the flight attendant, things went extremely well! I have now been in Tehran, Iran for the past week and a half, and will be heading to Antalya, Turkey this Friday for a week, before heading to London to meet up with Em, just a few short days prior to our amazing Amsterdam adventure. As for now, I think I should probably put an end to my narrative, but will be writing again soon!

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