A blonde and a brunette… go to the spa

A blonde and a brunette go to the spa… and were overdressed.

Walking through the lobby and locker rooms, everyone was in robes, so we hadn’t realized that there was nothing underneath. It wasn’t until we had made it through twisting hallways, up and down multiple flights of stairs, and and eventually found ourselves face to face with a tub full of naked middle-aged men, that we began to grasp the severity of our situation.

With everyone staring at us, we were uncomfortable and unsure of where to look.

Naturally, the blonde started to urgently search for a solution in the form of a bath robe. Meanwhile, the brunette fought to hide her nervous giggle and blushed face.

Once we had made it out, alive, but emotionally scarred, we swore never to tell anyone about our embarrassing experience. However, we thought it best for you to learn from our mistakes.

As you travel around the world, it is paramount to keep in mind that traditions and customs differ from place to place. For example, it is completely normal, in fact, required, to leave your bathing suit and towel behind, when attending your neighborhood spa. So, if you wanted to go for a swim, or in our case, take an ice bath to recover from practice, you would need to do so in the nude.

So until we find the courage, we will only go once a week, on Tuesdays. The only day of the week where swimwear is not only encouraged, but required.

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